Annie Austin

Specialization: Automation & Financial Solutions 

Annie has a B.S. in Business Administration and over 25 years of experience in IT, project management, and corporate training- 15 of those years were spent in management and providing strategic business consulting services to executive teams in multi campus hospital systems. She has led financial tracking and reporting system implementation projects, including management of Enterprise Learning Management Systems, organizational training and support, html customization, standardized process development, and group facilitation. She also brings experience in the management of custom software development from concept to close - including  design, implementation, updating, and training using Agile methodology. 


Annie moved to the Kansas City area from Northern California and still loves the ocean and mountains. She is proud of the excellent rapport she has developed with the animals who eat the veggies out of her home garden- from humming birds to squirrels, rabbits, and puppies- they all tend to beat her to the tomatoes every time. She has four daughters and four granddogs that are the light of her life.

Alysia Brown

Specialization: Advanced Web Development

Alysia is a software engineer with a passion for building user friendly solutions.


Before transitioning into tech, she worked in sales where she designed business-to-customer communication solutions for clients across many different industries. Her unique background in both sales and tech gives her the ability to create cutting-edge technical solutions that integrate seamlessly with a client's existing processes and workflows.


In her spare time, Alysia enjoys kayaking, cuddling up with her dog, and watching way too much 90 Day Fiancé.

Eric Burroughs

Specialization: Manufacturing & Solutions for Continuous Improvement

Eric has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and over 25 years experience in manufacturing- including process engineering, PM and storeroom leadership, specialty chemicals, health safety/environmental, chemicals process logistics, materials packaging, and

operations management. 


Eric grew up in Kansas City and has  

snowboarded all over the US & Canada.

He loves golf, comic books, music, movies, sports, coaching sports,  motorcycles and the outdoors. He does all of these things and more with his 14 year old twins. 

Christine Ibeagi

Specialization: Health & Human Service Solutions Development


Christine is from Kansas City and specializes in Health Promotion and Wellness. She loves meeting new people, and has always cared about the well-being of those around her. She believes health is a key factor when it comes to shaping and improving communities.


Christine leads a college campus based mental health organization and supports students with employment related services. In her free time she enjoys writing poetry, being outdoors, exercising, and listening to music. 

Vi Lo

Specialization: Solutions for Education & Web-Based Course Development

Vi has a Masters in Teaching and Curriculum with over ten years of experience in education.


According to Vi, "I love what I do, which is working with students and people in general, helping them gain confidence in themselves and their potential. I love working with technology and seeing how it can help further and enhance learning."


She has been married for 10 years and has two beautiful children. She loves to go fishing with her husband and try new food.  

Jo Etta McCluskey

Specialization: Electronic Publications & Solutions for Education

A coal miner’s daughter, JoEtta McCluskey has been “teaching” ever since she can remember. As a child, she HAD to be the teacher when she and friends played school during the summer. So it seems natural that she would become an educator. As a high school teacher, not only does she enjoy witnessing the transformation students undergo during their school year, but she also desires to pass on to them an insatiable desire to learn.


JoEtta obtained her undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from West Virginia University, a Master’s in Teaching and Learning from Avila University and a Master’s in Christian Counseling from Faith Bible College.


When she moved from a little dirt road in Farmington, West Virginia to the six-lane highways in Kansas in 1998, she was overwhelmed and, for months, stayed in one lane on her drive to- and from- work. Amidst the uneasy feeling of being so far away from home, she was elated to discover a Steelers fan group in the midst of Chief’s nation!


JoEtta has completed a children’s book and is actively working on another. In her spare time she enjoys playing Spades, putting up fall decorations and once again, playing school. This time around, it’s with her husband (Mal), their six-year-old daughter (Anaiah), Jess, Woody and Buzz.

Nikki Bates

Specialization: Elementary Education & Federal Programs

Nikki has spent more than 15 years educating and working to inspire students while teaching, coaching volleyball, and tutoring along the way. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts in Education Administration, including K-12 Building Leadership. Her experience in education includes teaching STEM courses and directing federal programs, including compliance and programming for English language learners, 504, and enrichment. 


Nikki brings expertise with youth advocacy, lesson planning for diverse learners, and differentiation. She has led teams in organizing data to facilitate special education compliance, social-emotional development, and academic excellence. 


Nikki enjoys listening to live music and being adventurous with friends and family when she has free time. If not working, she's probably cheering loudly at a sports event while watching her kids play volleyball or soccer. 

Willie Tolon

Specialization: Audio, Video & Graphics Solutions

Willie Tolon is a Kansas City artist who specializes in audio, video, and graphic design. He earned an associate of science degree in Audio Video Production from Missouri Western State University.

Justine Winnie

Specialization: Advanced Web Development & Agricultural Solutions

Justine is a developer, communications professional, and trainer with a background in community work. She has years of experience helping folks from all backgrounds find the right tools, strategy, and words to take their projects to the next level. 

Whatever your dream is, it deserves to be nurtured and grown. Justine believes that anyone can learn to use new tools with the right support. She will be your cheerleader every day whether you’re a novice or a pro. Her motto is “Let’s make it easy and let’s make it work.”

Justine lives on a working farm in Washington State with a flock of sheep, her partner, and some very spoiled dogs. When not coaching, training, or building solutions, Justine indulges her two main vices: coffee and houseplants.

Johnathon Stinson

Specialization: Audio Engineering & Production Solutions

Johnathon is an audio and video producer, composer, and musician who is locally based in Kansas City. His experience includes composing and producing independent films and working with artists to help transform their vision into reality.

Everyone has an idea that can be elevated into reality - Johnathon is a passionate creator that brings these ideas to life. He specializes in listening to his clients‘ & co-artists’ and guiding them through the creative process.

In his leisure time he enjoys listening to music, playing the piano, working out, and hot tubbing.

Michael Gordon

Specialization: Live In-Person & Virtual Sound Engineering

Michael is a musician, composer, sound engineer, and pharmacist from the greater Kansas City area. From his early days in High School to today, he continually strives to improve his sound and others along with it. 


A clinical pharmacist by day, and musician by night, Michael brings experience from many aspects of business, music, customer service, quality care, and live sound engineering. Education has always been at the forefront of Michael's professional life. Beginning at  Missouri State University playing brass in the Marching, jazz bands, and concert bands, to playing guitar and drums in several different projects of his own. 


After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information  Systems at MSU's College of Business and Administration in  Springfield, MO, he later went on to receive his Doctorate of  Pharmacy at UMKC. Throughout his years of study, he relied on his music for spending money, meals, and books for study. Even though pharmacy is Michael's primary career, his passion remains in music.

Tiffany Dixon, Ed.S.

Founder/Solutions Developer

Trust. Integrity. Know-How. Quality. Lowest Cost. MOXIE.

MOXIE Solutions Development ​was founded to help small businesses and nonprofits build their technical capacity. Technology solutions can be far more affordable than many realize- a simple roadmap and some training are all many business owners need to reach their goals. 


MOXIE brings together a team of knowledgeable professionals who genuinely put others first. It’s a privilege to support the work of an amazing team who enjoys creating affordable, data-driven technology solutions for our clients. 


My perspective is influenced by 20 years of experience in adult and youth education- including healthcare management, government program and policy development, cross-industry research commercialization, and K-12 public education. 


I continue to be involved with another passion - teaching business and graphic design. In my free time, I enjoy biking trails, gardening, road trips to national parks, and creating awesome music playlists.   


820 Armour Rd #165441  |  North Kansas City, Missouri 64116  |  (816) 406-0043  |  Service@MOXIEsolutions.dev